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Specially Designed Child Care Set for Family Holidays

We have prepared this special product to make family vacation moments even more enjoyable, designed to enhance the holiday experience for families. Its transparent and slide-lock stylish bag allows you to keep the carefully selected products organized and clean. Here are the details:

🌈 Child Shampoo: With a non-stinging formula, it ensures your children can wash comfortably. Specifically designed for sensitive skin.

👶 Baby Oil: Preserves the softness and moisture of the skin. Gently nourishes and protects your baby’s skin.

🐢 Turtle-Shaped Hand Soap: With its colorful and fun design, it helps children develop a habit of handwashing. Makes cleanliness fun.

🐻 Teddy Bear Bath Sponge: Enhances play and fun during bath time. Gently cleans the baby’s skin.

🧼 Antibacterial Wet Wipes: Ensure that cleanliness is always at your fingertips. Provides quick and effective hygiene.