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Guest Collection Kit

This special collection box we offer is a perfect choice for guests looking to have an unforgettable stay. It contains a variety of products categorized under standard, adult, and personal care, all elegantly presented within a unique box. Here are the details of this special collection:


  • 🌿 40ml Shampoo
  • 🌸 40ml Shower Gel
  • 💁 40ml Hair Conditioner
  • 💧 40ml Body Lotion
  • 🌼 40g Natural Soap
  • 🦷 Dental Set
  • 🪒 Shaving Kit


  • 🌹 Condom
  • 🩸 Sanitary Pad
  • 🩸 Tampon

Personal Care:

  • 💄 Makeup Remover Pads
  • 🌼 Ear Cotton Swabs
  • 🚿 Shower Sponge

By offering this special collection box to your guests, you can enhance their stay and emphasize the quality of your hotel. Introducing this unique collection box on your hotel’s website can attract the attention of potential guests and add value to their accommodation reservations.