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Sliding Box Packagings

Present Your Products with Elegant and Functional Packaging

Our company offers a variety of different packaging options designed to meet the needs of hotels and accommodation facilities. These packages not only protect your everyday use products but also combine elegance and functionality seamlessly.

Types of Packaging:

American Bristol Box: American Bristol boxes, customizable to desired dimensions, can be coated with matte or glossy lamination. They are perfect for securely storing and presenting your products.

Kraft Box: Kraft boxes offer a natural and warm appearance and can be designed to fit desired dimensions. They are both eco-friendly and aesthetic.

Alupack: Silver-colored Alupack can be prepared according to the desired weight and dimensions. It can be customized to have one transparent side, two transparent sides, or one frosted side. It serves as an excellent packaging solution for hotel items such as soap, dental sets, nail files, combs, etc.

Kraftpack: Environmentally friendly Kraftpack offers a harmonious look with nature. It can be designed with single-sided transparent or frosted options.

Envelope Type Packaging: Envelope-type packaging, designed based on the desired paper type and dimensions, provides a stylish presentation.

Soft Touch Frosted Packaging: Made from recyclable plastic, these transparent frosted packages can be sealed from the top and are ideal for adding the company logo or label.

Sliding Box: Sliding boxes, customizable to the desired dimensions, are practical for storing your products inside. They offer special printing options.

Tracing Paper Sliding Box: Similarly designed Tracing sliding boxes use Tracing paper on the outside.

Special Paper Packagings: Packagings designed using special paper offer a unique and attractive presentation.

Fantasy Paper Packagings: Customizable with fantasy paper, these packagings allow you to present your products with a special touch.

FSC Certified Packaging: Environmentally friendly FSC certified packagings are an excellent choice for environmentally conscious customers.

Tracing Paper Envelope Type: Tracing paper envelope-type packagings, customizable to the desired dimensions, offer an elegant presentation.

Our packages not only safeguard your products but also help you reflect your brand and style. We provide customizable and functional packaging solutions for all types of hotels and accommodation facilities.

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