Motto Exclusive

Our company’s registered brand MOTTO proudly presents the Exclusive Series. This exceptional series features hair shampoo, hair styler, body shampoo, and body lotion, all packaged in 60ml plastic tubes with octagonal screw caps. Here are the details of the Exclusive Series:

🌿 Exclusive Hair Shampoo (60ml): Cleanses, revitalizes, and strengthens your hair. Its special formula adds shine and volume to your hair, ensuring a healthy and lustrous look.

💁 Exclusive Hair Conditioner (60ml): Shapes and smoothens your hair, preventing frizz and providing a perfect look. Your hair will always be flawless.

🌸 Exclusive Shower Gel (60ml): Suitable for both body and hair. Its natural extracts clean your skin and keep you refreshed, making you feel at ease.

💧 Exclusive Body Lotion (60ml): Moisturizes, nourishes, and softens your skin. Its lightweight texture is quickly absorbed and leaves a pleasant fragrance on your skin. Your skin will look silky and healthy.

The MOTTO Exclusive Series not only ensures a perfect stay for your guests but also emphasizes the quality and care provided by your hotel.


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