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Cardboard DND Card

Special and Unique Hotel Cards for Your Guests

We offer special card services designed for guest satisfaction-focused hotels, ensuring an unforgettable stay experience. Here are our specially designed cards for your hotel:

  • Door Key Cards: The door key cards used in your hotel are a design marvel that combines functionality and aesthetics. These cards facilitate guests’ room access and can be fully personalized with your hotel’s logo and special designs printed in multiple colors. Additionally, we offer additional accessories like Key Card Holders.
  • Towel Cards: Towel cards used in your hotel or spa center provide extra comfort to your guests. You can customize Towel Cards by printing your hotel’s logo and special designs in multiple colors. High-quality materials and elegant design ensure that your guests enjoy an unforgettable experience.
  • DND Cards (Do Not Disturb): DND Cards, used to protect guests’ privacy and comfort, can be printed on PVC or A.Bristol paper as per your preference. These cards help guests indicate the times when they do not want their rooms to be cleaned or disturbed.

Hotel cards offer a wonderful way to personalize your guests’ hotel experience. Allow us to elevate your business by providing you with the highest quality designs and services. Contact us for tailor-made special cards that meet your needs.

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