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Canvas Bags

Environmentally Friendly and Functional: Bags and Pouches

Our company offers a range of bags and pouches designed to meet various business needs. These products stand out for their practicality and eco-friendliness, providing a perfect solution for your business requirements.


Laundry Bags: Thick micron plastic bags designed for use in hotels and similar places. They are made from recyclable plastic and offer multiple color printing options. Both handle and reinforced handle models are available.

Hygiene Bags: Special bags for storing or disposing of hygiene products. They provide a hygienic and practical solution and can be customized with multiple color printing.

Medical Waste Bags: Specifically designed for medical waste, these bags feature single-color printing on a red background.

Customized Bags: We can customize bags based on our customers’ preferences and intended use. We can design the most suitable bag for your business needs.


Various Fabrics: Our pouches can be made from materials such as canvas, raw cotton, or special fabrics. They can be customized with single-color printing according to your preferences.

Drawstring and Corded: Available with drawstrings or cords for easy portability.

Laundry Pouch: Durable and customizable laundry pouches to facilitate the work of your cleaning staff.

Shoe Pouch: Special design pouches to protect and carry your shoes conveniently.

Hair Dryer Pouch: Various pouch options designed for hairdryers, ideal for salons and hotels.

Customized Pouches: Pouch designs can be customized to fit your business requirements.

Our bags and pouches focus on meeting your business needs while being environmentally friendly. They combine functionality with aesthetics. Contact us to find the most suitable options for your requirements.


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